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Hi guys,
If I upload a nuget file over the webui or the nuget push command or the bulk import folder I can't see the file in the webUI. But it is there in the DB on the HDD and I can install it over nuget.

What can I do?

Product: ProGet
Version: 3.4.7

This should not be possible... all of those things are derived from the exact same data source (i.e. the SQL DB). Are you sure you are browsing the correct feed, and the correct instance of ProGet (multiple instances especially for test/eval purposes can sneak in occasionally).

yes I am in the right instance (we have only one proget)

so we found out our proget had some issues with the db and can't show all package in the ui
now we delete from proget and reinstall everything and reindexing all packages I think this will work

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