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I'm trying to add users to our BuildMaster installation. I went to the Admin page and clicked "User Accounts & Log-Ins". We are using LDAP integration. Since we are a large corporation, we have thousands of AD accounts and groups in our domain. I cannot view all of them from the Users page. The table of users stops at about 1000. I've also noticed that not all our AD Groups are displayed on the Edit User page.

Now, I was able to manually build the Edit User hyperlink to be able to add the User I need, but I wanted to let you know that this is a challenge for us. I'm not sure how you would sole this (perhaps with some search functionality instead of display all results of a query), but I'd like to see some improved LDAP / AD integration features in a future release.

Thanks very much, and have a great day.

Matthew Pfluger

The 1000 is a limit imposed by Active Directory presumably for performance reasons.

Typically, you shouldn't ever need to be on the users page when using Integrated Security because once a user is assigned privileges via the "Assign Security Privileges" page, they automatically become a named user if there are licenses available when they visit the BuildMaster URL. We are planning an enhancement that will determine based on the assigned privileges whether the user should be approval-only or full, but for now it will default to full (if available) and downgrade to approval-only if no full user licenses are available.

Once the user has become a named user, you can manually edit the type of user on the "License Key and Activation" page which allows you to select "[change]" to toggle the user between full or approval-only as needed.

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