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I have migrate my proget from a machine without to a new one with IIS.

I have backed up my database, and restore in the new one.
I copy my packages to the new server under same folder tree.

My problem its i have a connector return an error:

There is no page or resource at the URL you requested: /NuPeek/nuget

In older server this works fine.

And some packages return http error 500 reporting a different physical path.

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.1

Aside from following the general back-up/restore instructions (database / package store / config files), there's nothing else to configure on ProGet. If you're getting errors, then something wasn't migrated properly.

If a different file path is reported in an error, then a different file path is configured in the new instance; check out the error message under ADmin > Errors to see what the 500 was getting.

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