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There is a small bug in Otter 1.4.6.
Here is the steps to reproduce from fresh installation:

  1. Install Agent on Otter host (SRV 1) and a second server SRV2
  2. Add one role : Baseline
  3. Add SRV1(Otter host) / assign Environment Testing / Role Baseline
  4. Add SRV2 / assign Environment Production / Role Baseline
  5. Create a configuration Plan to Role Baseline (ie Ensure Directory for exemple)

After Check Configuration and Remediation Job, the reported results are not correct whereas the configuration is correctly applied

Screen Servers
-> Show only one server with Current Status (expected 2 )

Screen Role
-> Role Baseline shows 2 servers as Current Status as expected

Screen Environment
-> Only Testing line is reported as Current

There the configuration are working correctly



The problem disappears as soon as a Configuration Job is running on all the server.


Thanks Philippe, looks like you identified the bug and workaround.

It will be addressed as OTTER-119

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