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I've recently added a new raft to our setup to maintain/version control our setup and its creating some issues:

Orchestration Plan Templates no longer retain the Plan Name when going to Create a Job and loading the template. You have to manually select the plan name again to match it up.

The visual editor doesn't appear to like template assets that are stored in the new raft and is creating an "Expected template name" error in the text editor when trying to Call the template asset.

Are there any potential fixes or is something wrong with my raft setup?

Product: Otter
Version: 1.5.3

It seems also that Orchestration Plans created in the new raft are still pulling assets from the default raft, even though it has been restricted to an environment that isn't being used.

Example\Use Case:
Default Raft and New Raft have essentially the same contents

Default Raft is restricted to Environment "A" contents and New Raft is restricted to Environment "B" contents.

Orchestration Plan in New Raft, when run on a server in Environment "B" says to call script "DoThisJob.ps1" (which exists in both rafts) and still pulls the script from the Default Raft instead of the New Raft.

Deleting the script from Default Raft causes not found exceptions and I am unable to add it to a plan again in the editor. From my understanding restricting a raft to a specific environment should only allow servers of that environment to access contents from the restricted raft correct? Or is this the wrong assumption?

The environment on a raft affects who can access it, but not which raft is accessed. Asset names with no RaftName::part always use the Default raft.

There's a bug in the implementation of OtterScript in the current version of Otter that makes it unable to call templates from a non-Default raft.

Running a plan from a non-Default raft is also slightly broken in that it brings up the wrong preselected plan, but selecting the correct plan afterwards works.

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