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I have installed the windows agent on our tfs server (which I understand is required for tfs intergration).

The server is Windows Server 2008 SP2.

I installed to c:\BuildMaster, using the local system account, port 81, IIS site.

No errors were reported during installation.

I then went to buildmaster admin > set up agents / external servers > Add new self-hosted server. correct name, port, no ssl, no token. Added it and it reported the server has a status of error.

The error log is now reporting 'Maximum response length exceeded (<correct ip>:81).'.

If, in buildmaster, I click restart agent I get an unexpected error 'The connection was closed unexpectedly.'

On the tfs server if I open 'http://localhost:81/' I get Server Error in Application "BUILDMASTERAGENT" HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden
The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory.
Which is sort of to be expected.

If I go 'http://localhost:81/WsdlHelpGenerator.aspx'
then I get 'Server Error in '/' Application.
Failed to Execute URL.'
Which is not really to be expected.

Can anyone suggest anything to try to get this working?

Hi Matt,

The BuildMaster agent doesn't need to be installed on the TFS Server itself; whatever server you're using as your build server (could be same server BuildMaster is installed on) should have the TFS Client (Team Explorer) installed.

As for the agent error... the "IIS agent" is "SOAP Based" --- so you'd want to make sure to add a SOAP Based agent from the BuildMaster servers page.

To test that IIS agent is installed, you can do http://localhost:81/agent.asmx -- if that page shows up, the the agent is configured in IIS correctly.

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