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Do you have a comparison matrix for the different licensing in Otter?

Just like ProGet.



Product: Otter
Version: 1.5.5

The only difference (aside from support) is that the paid Otter software includes users and privileges; in the free version, anyone who can access Otter is a effectively an Admin (it's an open system).

There are more differences between ProGet editions, which is why we have the comparison.

Thanks for the response.

Is there an audit log?

What I'd like to know is who, when, and what any of the automated scripts have been executed.

I can only see the Execution Details but it does not seem to indicate which user context the executions has been run.



The person who initiated the executions is would be recorded in both versions (if not, a bug for sure), but in the free version, since everyone is effectively the same user, it's all recorded under "Admin" user (by design).

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