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I have an app I am working with right now and the DeployableName is no longer being set unless I specify in the top of plan. I was told before that I did not need to set a plan to a specific deployable.
Is that the case? Is this a bug?

This app only has 1 Deployable set and it is set to the release.
The Release Template also has it set to this deployable as the default.

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.6.11

Hello Jon,

There is no deployable set in OtterScript deployment plans unless the execution is inside a for deployable DeployableName block. (for deployable blocks are displayed as General blocks in the visual editor.) Deployables use a separate working directory from the rest of the execution by default.

The person who told you you don't need to set the deployable may have meant that your plan doesn't need deployables. Deployables are just for organization, so you can think of deployables as folders. Everything that isn't in a deployable goes into one folder, and each deployable is a separate folder next to the default one.

Thanks for the info.

The way it was explained before was that since the plan was executing under that App then it would use the default deployable set for that release unless otherwise specified to use a different one.

This was a new app setup so all my other apps/plans had it set anyway so not a major thing for me I just wanted to clarify.

Ah, I think the confusion here is because of the different meanings of the word "set".

If you don't select the deployables in the release template, it will have the default deployables available in executions. That is, if you do for deployable Foo and Foo is a deployable in the application, it will execute the code inside the block.

However, you can select specific deployables for a release and the for deployable Foo block will only be run if Foo is selected.

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