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How do I update (e.g., add a comment to) all the issues in YouTrack associated with my release? I tried this, but it did nothing:

    Text: Testing BuildMaster/YouTrack integration. $ApplicationName $ReleaseNumber.$PackageNumber -> $EnvironmentName

I see there's also YouTrack::Add-Comment but it requires you to specify a single YouTrack issue ID. Not sure how useful that can possibly be -- I need to update all (or a set) of issues.

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.6.11

Hello Glenn,

The next version of the YouTrack extension will include a Find-Issues operation, so you'll be able to do:

    Credentials: MyYouTrackCredentials,
    Project: IT,
    Filter: "version: $ReleaseNumber -resolved",
    Output => @IssueIDs

foreach $id in @IssueIDs
        Credentials: MyYouTrackCredentials,
        IssueId: $id,
        Comment: Testing BuildMaster/YouTrack integration. $ApplicationName $ReleaseNumber.$PackageNumber -> $EnvironmentName
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