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I was going through the packages interface deleting old ones. I had quite a few; 285. now I'm down to 75. Anyway, every time I delete a package, I get the customary prompt, which is okay, I select delete... here's where it gets annoying... it deletes the package, then sends me back to the "Feeds" page. Now I have to select "Packages" again then set the number to view back to 250, scroll to the bottom and select another package to delete. Then the process starts over again.

Please make it so that after deleting, it stays on the same page previously selected... the "Packages" page. Also leave the "Package Count" where it was last selected.


Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.12

I understand the frustration... but we really didn't design the UI for quick, rapid package deletes. Have you considered using retention policies instead ? This will automatically purge old versions. You can also write a script that uses the API to do it.

As a work-around for the manual mass deleted... I suppose in this case, you could just middle-click to open a new tab, and then delete several tabs at once?

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