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Hi, I’m trying to install otter and no matter what machine I try it on I keep getting the error in the attached screenshot – tried both sql express and regular sql as well as multiple vm`s and systems, any ideas?

Hugo Pinheiro

Product: Otter
Version: 1.6.1

Hello Hugo,

That error message looks like SQL Server is not responding to connections. A StackOverflow user posted four possible solutions to this problem. Do any of the solutions on that page work for you?

I managed to get sql to install by manually creating the database, strangely enough the otter installer wouldent even install sql express, anyways once i got past that it wouldent give me the option to install it on iis even though the prerequisites were met so I installed the build in one but keep getting connection refused any ideas, all firewalls are off, and the otter web server is running which had to be manually started.

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