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I had an issue with the collection stage of PSDsc failing if powershell is not at least version 5 on the target machine. I can partially solve this with some custom assets to collect and configure powershell 5 installation via PSEnsure.

I've set up the powershell 5 installation as part of a server role that is a dependency of all other server roles.

It seems that for a base role B and a dependent role D, that the order of execution will be

  • B (Collect)
  • D (Collect)
  • B (Configure)
  • D (Configure)

but this will not work for me because without B being configured the D collection will fail, which also then blocks the B configuration

Is there some way to abort/defer dependent roles until the base roles are properly configured?

Am I tackling this problem in a reasonable way?

Product: Otter
Version: 1.6.2

When you say D (Collect) is failing, are you saying there's an execution error during the collection phase? If so, that's a bug in the implementation of that particular collection - it should be logging warnings and appear drifted instead of generating an error.

Can you show the error log that is being generated (or submit it as a ticket referencing this post if you don't want it public).

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