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i created a feed on our free ProGet server and enabled the symbol server functionality. Then i uploaded a symbol.nupkg with source files and pdbs in it.
I configured the visual studio 2017 as described in you docs. I can see in the module window that VS tried to download the pdb from the proget but the response is a 404.

Module Load Information: http://ourprogetserver/symbols/SymbolServerTest/Metrics.pdb/9EA2F2F71BC04A2D85258EBE4AB19D501/Metrics.pdb not found

http://ourprogetserver/symbols/SymbolServerTest: Symbols not found on symbol server.

If i visit the site in my browser i get a response page with the text: "The requested file was not found."

Can you help me out what can be the problem? I checked all of the settings and they look good. If you need some logs or other info please tell me and i will provide them.


Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.13

If you browse to the Package Details page within ProGet, does it say "Symbols and source files are available. [view]", and if so, does the GUID match the 9EA2F2F71BC04... in the path you supplied?

We actually updated the docs ( yesterday with some more details on configuration and troubleshooting... let us know if that helps.

Thanks for the new link.
Yeah, the new link answered my question. Unfortunatelly we have .net dll-s and pdb-s and if i understand it well it is not supported by the ProGet.

May i ask if is it on your roadmap to support .NET Core PDBs?


Just to clarify, .NET PDBs with "full" debugging information (i.e. Windows PDB format) are supported, it is just .NET "portable" format that is currently not supported.

Support for portable PDBs is currently an "open issue", and our initial research found that metadata information was undocumented, however since then it has been:

Unfortunately at this time we don't have a timetable for if or when this gets implemented.

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