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Issue with docker pull images after update to ProGet v.4.8.1

When I trying to download docker image which uploaded before upgrade I get correct result:
When I upload new docker image on ProGet v.4.8.1 I also get correct result like:
The push refers to a repository [proget..:443/docker/alpha]
d5c3cfb16c9c: Preparing
cec7103ef4b3: Preparing
6589f40b2d66: Preparing
8dfd4dafa2ed: Preparing
13600f55c668: Preparing
97f3208189dd: Preparing
6b69eb2bd7af: Preparing
af5bd3938f60: Preparing
29f11c413898: Preparing
eb78099fbf7f: Preparing
97f3208189dd: Waiting
6b69eb2bd7af: Waiting
eb78099fbf7f: Waiting
af5bd3938f60: Waiting
6589f40b2d66: Pushed
8dfd4dafa2ed: Pushed
cec7103ef4b3: Pushed
13600f55c668: Pushed
d5c3cfb16c9c: Pushed
29f11c413898: Layer already exists
af5bd3938f60: Layer already exists
eb78099fbf7f: Layer already exists
97f3208189dd: Pushed
6b69eb2bd7af: Pushed
281: digest: sha256:76ceb629c6040f9a1291c79f129f0a37f02f1b91cdb19486d15c2f2f17850383 size: 2312

But when I trying to download this image on another machine, I see error:
281: Pulling from docker/alpha
94ed0c431eb5: Already exists
9406c100a1c3: Already exists
aa74daafd50c: Already exists
7ec419ed38c5: Pulling fs layer
1a0ab9aeb27a: Pulling fs layer
faaa3528a7c6: Verifying Checksum
1e63ea3d0814: Waiting
63a7fdfb1f99: Waiting
75f4ebca4d2e: Waiting
2abc5fffc0ea: Waiting
error pulling image configuration: image config verification failed for digest sha256:da5440875d8e846850f03a4d7b3e45c0ecfb58c28dc8de3d51eaa21d253ec48e

On ProGet server for this tag of image I see:
Digest: sha256:76ceb629c6040f9a1291c79f129f0a37f02f1b91cdb19486d15c2f2f17850383
Published: 9/1/2017 12:43:00 PM
sha256:1a0ab9aeb27aa591ac736c6adb81992d6c9d365b0739e76a23d39f6af78796f8 - 0 bytes
sha256:1e63ea3d081404c9e8aafd41ea09acc79ce276fee28a1a7bb5119d446cd2d21b - 0 bytes
sha256:2abc5fffc0ea891e1595b1bb1999d49b6ba7c47e68f521fa1e67283d7d334fce - 0 bytes
sha256:63a7fdfb1f998900b6a46248e12439cecb52a11989805d3618670decc687bb9d - 0 bytes
sha256:75f4ebca4d2e420d2126200e118add407c608c5f20654eb6e48aead7c12b0f95 - 0 bytes
sha256:7ec419ed38c5677b2d9d368e2fec736611760eb37d17fccd30d981c245f1ce29 - 0 bytes
sha256:9406c100a1c33ea3f04818a99e6c65b594ac0c571b2042fa07b0ad0043b64dce - 20 MB
sha256:94ed0c431eb58b1c824715ac158d102bc78b5eb9d690579da5d8bc96b190eb67 - 21 MB
sha256:aa74daafd50caca8cb6af306686b6f40ddf0392f5f06ffc13205305c3b73102a - 194 bytes
sha256:da5440875d8e846850f03a4d7b3e45c0ecfb58c28dc8de3d51eaa21d253ec48e - 0 bytes
sha256:faaa3528a7c694abfc2945b6ae558b3242bdb9b8377bb2faa9f3fa8e4ba5ad7a - 0 bytes

On server filesystem I see file (da5440875d8e846850f03a4d7b3e45c0ecfb58c28dc8de3d51eaa21d253ec48e ) in bloobs dir with size about 7kb.

What's gone wrong in progress of update?

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.8.1

This was a regression:

We will have a maintenance release out today to fix this.

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