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I am having an issue with the Inedo agent locking up when extracting an artifact on a server.
We've disabled AV, the agent is running as LocalSystem. The App Pools using the destination are stopped.
This also causes the BuildMaster server to continue to keep the Executer as running even after doing a Cancel Execution.
I've checked that no files are being accessed in the destination folder.

Any ideas?

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.7.3

Unfortunately there's nothing at all within the BuildMaster/Inedo codebase that could be causing such behaviors.

What could be happening is that some underlying component, like a Windows file access library or Driver is acting peculiar, which is causing all sorts of unexpected behaviors up the stack (including poor error reporting). That sort of thing is nearly impossible to predict or mitigate, and is extremely unlikely because these are such ordinary file operations.

You could try the latest version of the Inedo Agent (v38 - see other versions), which may have some better error handling.

Otherwise your best bet will be to run all processes interactively (the agent as well as the service), and try to isolate the precise circumstances that are causing this behavior. Maybe it's just one particular server, maybe it's one particular file, who knows?

We've seen lots of situations where things like bad RAM cause problems.

Thanks for the reply.
I didn't really think it was BuildMaster itself since I can deploy other smaller apps to the same server, same main web site, without issue.
This particular app has a lot of files so I was somewhat suspicious of BuildMaster, memory, Windows or combination thereof having some issue with that large number.

I am continuing to debug it and we have been looking at couple of possible issues.
One thing that did come is a possible incorrectly registered DLL. Our IS dept had been registering it under the apps folder rather than the Windows/system32 folder but it's not certain that the one is this particular folder was the one registered.
Unfortunately this is a live server so I have to use caution as to what I do on it.

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