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I am setting up ProGet to run in AWS EC2.

EC2 instances are able to access S3 buckets through an IAM role and instance profile.

Is there a way to set up the S3 package store so I don't need to specify keys?

Product: ProGet
Version: 5.0.7

As of the current version (5.0.7) this is not possible since the keys are required. We will investigate further; if this type of connectivity is possible via the Amazon SDK we will consider adding it.

Here is the tracking issue:

Hi Tod - I see there is a pull request tied to that issue that implements exactly what we need.

Any idea how long it will take to turn that around into a release?

The biggest hold-up on our end is regression testing... a bit timely unfortunately.

However, it seems quite straight-forward. Want to just give it a shot, but building that branch and installing the extnsion?

You should be able to just build the project and then zip up the extension file.


I tested the change and it is working for me with version 5.0.8.

Ship it! :)

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