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Hello, we are rolling out our build chain for Java projects for the first time. We have setup Maven repositories on Jenkins and we've uploaded some packages. Now we'd like to create a BuildMaster application to deploy the packages - but we don't know where to start.

For .NET projects we used the Build Import functionality for NuGet packages. We don't have such an option for the java packages though, only File System Import is applicable. How would you recommend that we import these packages? Is there anything more straightforward than writing a script to download them?
Would you recommend locating the ProGet file storage and exposing it as a shared folder so that we can use File System Import with it?


Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.8.3

I think your best bet is really going to be to use Universal Packages for this. That's what they're designed for, and the operations are much easier to use for it.

We very recently updated our documentation to give some guidance on this:

NuGet is designed for .NET library files to be used in developing .NET-based software. Maven is similar, but Java; you should use Maven for packaging up Java code that Java developers will use to build other JAva applications.

The applications themselves should be packaged in a universal format.

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