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I have just installed BuildMasterSetup3.6.4_SQLExpress and now I want to install ProGetSetup2.1.1_SQLExpress on the same machine - windows 2008 R2 Standard.

But I get the following error..

Unhandled exception has occurred in your application....
it looked like some kind of Sql Server install conflict
I elected to continue install and Proget continued to install - but its taking ages to do anything - its just hung on "Preparing ProGet Database"

That's strange - those installers are supposed to default to separate SQL instances.

What was the exception and when did it occur during installation?

I sent in a screenshot of the error I got by replying to your support email. Is there any update on why install is failing alongside the previous successful install of buildmaster?

There's no specific error message, aside from the SQL error that's being thrown.

Since you have both on the same server, perhaps it'd be best to have a single SQL Server instance (SQL Express), and have the BuildMaster and ProGet databases hosted in that server.

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