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I am migrating from 1.7.4 to 2.0.7 and I meet the following problem:
In 1.7.4, I have the following configuration

PSDsc Registry (
Otter_ConfigurationKey: setTelemetryToSecurity,
Key: HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\DataCollection,
ValueName: AllowTelemetry,
ValueType: Dword,
ValueData: "`@([string[]](0))" );

The ValueData has to be changed to

ValueData:0 );

as it should work in 1.7.4 but the correction in 2.0.7 break the solution found for 1.7.4 - I posted a request few monthes ago and someone give me the answer.

So it would be nice to support the two syntax, so I would not to have to correct some of configuration we have done. I guess I am not the only one to use this tricky syntax.

Never mind if it is not possible, Otter is "a must have" to manage configuration server for windows :)

Product: Otter
Version: 2.0.7

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