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Buildmaster engine can't find label when searching in TFS root.
Here is the scenario:

  1. I create a label in TFS manually and add multiple files from multiple projects, I.e from multiple subfolders under root.
  2. I then try to retrieve the files in execution plan using either Get-Labeled-Source or Tfs-GetSource, specifying Label name.
    As for SourcePath if I provide TFS root ($/) I get an error "TF14064: Could not find label". If I provide one of the Project level subfolders - BM does find label and pulls the files for it correctly, but only for this project folder.

When I search for label in TFS manually from the root level I'm able to find it. Shouldn't Buildmaster also be able to find the label when SourcePath is root? What am I doing wrong?
Any advice?

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.8.2

TFS labels can be a bit complicated, and the way that Visual Studio (GUI) vs tools (tf.exe, BuildMaster, etc) interact with them are different. What may be happening in the GUI is that multiple labels are being created with the same name, and the the GUI is "searching" for files by label name (as opposed to "getting" those files).

If you were to do a tf.exe get (, for example, you should see the same behavior. Instead, makes sure to first create a label at the $/ root level (e.g. tf label myLabel $/ ), and then you can sub-label items.