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After evaluating several 5.1.x versions of ProGet, we've found that none are populating with the installation instructions to download via PackageManagement when browsing a module hosted in a PowerShell feed.

Interestingly enough, other feed types, such as NPM do show instructions for installation via PackageManagement.



Product: ProGet
Version: 5.1.15

Can you provide a specific example of a public package (on the official PowerShell Gallery), and then expected and actual results in ProGet?

Hi Alana

A screenshot of a package hosted in our PowerShell feed is located here:

Image Text

We're expecting that the "Installation Instructions" Section would be populated with instructions for installing the package via PowerShell.

The "Installation Instructions" section is blank here, but if we look at another package hosted in a NuGet feed for example, the installation instructions are populated (at the bottom of the screenshot.

Image Text

The Inedo documentation referenced at the URL below states that installation instructions using PSGet will be displayed for packages in PowerShell feeds.

I attempted to use several different versions of ProGet ranging from 5.0.0 to 5.1.15 but none of them will display installation instructions for PowerShell feeds.

If we can get this working, we will be interested in purchasing a basic license for the product. We're looking for a better platform than the basic NuGet.Server project that we're currently using that will allow us to share our modules internally between different teams, and provide a GUI for browsing packages.

Thank you for the report and additional information; I have filed this as an issue to be fixed in the next maintenance release due out next week: PG-1406

Thanks John, that's good news! I'll check back next week and try the latest build.


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