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I tried installing the hub to update, but I get the same error. I tried the installer, also failed.
Always this error: The login failed. Login failed for user dmarier (it's my windows account)

I'm using the same account we used to install the 5.0.9. I'm not sure why we can't connect on install?

Product: ProGet
Version: 5.1.16

Based on that error, it sounds like your user account doesn't have dbo access to the database? This will be required to install/upgrade ProGet.

What's the user proget uses to get access to the db? it's different then the account used to install the app? There is only 1 account on that machine.
We used the sqlexpress option when installing the version 5.0.9. How to I give access to my account?

By default, ProGet will use Windows integrated authentication for SQL Server, so the user that installed ProGet originally should definitely have the required access. Try connecting to the database with SSMS - if that succeeds then we can rule out any SQL Server permission issues.

I have access to the database using my user.
I'm guessing the default user the service is using might be different. Where can I change proget credential for the data base?

The connection string used by ProGet is stored in its configuration file (see this documentation page for the format and location).

The Windows user account used is whatever user the INEDOPROGETSVC service is running under - generally, ProGet configures this to be NetworkService, but could be configured to be any user account.

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