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When I updated to the latest version of ProGet I get the

There was an error attempting to load the user directory 'Active Directory (New)' (ID=4). This is likely a result of the InedoCore extension failing to load, or some other custom user directory load failure.

When I remove the 5.1.17 installation and install 5.1.16 ProGet works with Active Directory again.

Product: ProGet
Version: 5.1.17

This may be related to a pre-release version of the InedoCore extension (1.0.10) being released as part of that version of ProGet; this has been resolved by now.

I have just downloaded and installed 5.1.17 and have the same error.
What is the fix for this please?

Just seen that .18 has been release. Tested and working. Ignore above.

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