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My .Net Dev Team work in this way:

  • create a build to a specific environment (Test, Integration, etc ...) from VisualStudio
  • deploy the build to the specific environment .

I have some difficult to make this in BuildMaster.
I am already able to make a simple deployment pipeline:
CaptureBuild -> Integration -> Test -> Qualif -> Production -> PRA

I don't want to make one application / release per environnement, but I did not found how to make multiple release and deploy them over multiple pipeline in a single application. Any documentation would be helpful if it is possible.

I can't change how the dev team is working ...


Philippe C.

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 6.0.12


I finally find how to do it :)

Just to clarify, you can create releases on the "Releases" tab, just "Create New Release". You can have multiple simultaneous releases per application going on, which is ideal for a scenario you describe

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