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Hello, We are hosting ProGet OnPremise. In a browser, ProGet displays the feeds for NuGet and Powershell.

Internal Url:

However, whenever I try to configure a package source in Visual Studio 2017 --> Tools --> Options --> Nuget Package Manager --> Package Sources

I get the following error in Visual Studio 2017:
Error occurred:
[ProGet] The V2 feed at 'http://usas26:8624/feeds/DrilQuipNuGet/Search()?$filter=IsLatestVersion&searchTerm=''&targetFramework=''&includePrerelease=false&$skip=0&$top=26&semVerLevel=2.0.0' returned an unexpected status code '404 Not Found'.

Please advise.


Product: ProGet
Version: 5.1.17

Please carefully follow the Getting Started with NuGet Feeds in ProGet and Visual Studio tutorial.

You need to use the API endpoint URL (shown to you within ProGet's Feed page), not the URL that you at the top of your browser. The /feeds URL is intended for use by a web browser, and the /nuget URL is used for an API (i.e. Visual Studio).

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