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I am looking to use the same account for some plan but its password is not the same depending on the environment it is applied.
It can use in the plan $CredentialProperty() and get a different password depending on the environnement it is apply.

Ressource Credential:

ADACCOUNT => login:ADAccount / pwd:simplepassaword assign to TEST environnement
ADACCOUNT => login:ADAccount / pwd:verycomplexpassword assign to PROD environnement

Unfortunately, there is a constraint violation

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): 2627`14`1`Credentials_CreateOrUpdateCredential`21`Violation de la contrainte UNIQUE KEY « UQ__Credentials ». blablabla

It is a bug ?
If not, it would be a very useful feature

Adding the ability to assign the credentail to multiple environment would be better:).
(One to TEST, DEV, INTEGRATION and the second one to (PROD and PRA) for example.

Best regards


Product: BuildMaster
Version: 6.1.0

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