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We have ProGet instance in virtual server accessible at specific port 8006. All packages are listed correctly from this instance but we are receiving error message during installation:

Install failed (project: TestProject, package: TestPackage v1.0.0) The feed 'proget.nuget []' lists package 'TestPackage.1.0.0' but multiple attempts to download the nupkg have failed. The feed is either invalid or required packages were removed while the current operation was in progress. Verify the package exists on the feed and try again.

We received this error in VS2017 and JetBrains Rider as well.

Product: ProGet
Version: 5.1.22

What is the actual error? ProGet returns extra status information with any errors. Also, can you download it from the ProGet UI? The download link button there should be the same as the one used by Visual Studio.

Download from ProGet UI works well. We see this error in rider event logs: Failed to download package 'TestPackage.1.0.0' from ''. An error occurred while sending the request Error: ConnectFailure (Connection timed out) Connection timed out GET
Port in this error message is wrong because our virtual server runs at 8006 and source feed is set correctly to

I see; in this cases, go to Advanced Settings, and change the base url property.

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