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we can use the proget server during any feed migration. At the moment we have a feed with 58 185 packages and another one with 3 462 (which was lasting already 9 hours) and we cant possibly run the migration there. It would take weeks?

Is there a faster way to performe the migration, or at least one that does not take the server down?

Product: ProGet
Version: 5.2.0-beta.14

How are you performing a feed migration? Is this being done by feed replication?

If so, the biggest consideration will be data. If you have terabytes of data to transfer, it's going to take a long time and probably kill your bandwidth. You could always use the drop-path feature, and then import from a physical disk you move/send?


im simply pressing the migrate button in the feed management page. with following boxes on

Transaction mode: Use database transaction
Verbosity: Log every package

After a while the server becomes totally not responsive. I think the problem is that we have deleted alpha packages from the feed directly from the folder and those are really taking time to be processed even if they dont exist in folder

Oh I see, you're migrating a legacy NuGet feed! Sorry I misunderstood.

With the number of packages you have, a database transaction will put a strain on your database server, which is most certainly where the problem is.

Instead, why not back up the database beforehand, then run the migration without verbose logging and a transaction.

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