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Gotta say it seems like crap. All I'm trying to do is follow your guide for the Daily WTF special and I can barely get anything. First the InedoHub wont install. After waiting over 15 minutes I kill the process & reboot. This happens multiple times. When I finally get it to install Buildmaster wont install. I use my instance if SQL Server. Same thing Uninstall everything I can & reboot. Finally after multiple times Buildmaster installs. Buildmaster will not launch. Tried multiple times, cleaning up everything (InedoHub included!)

And this is just for a trial? Why would I ever acrtually purchase software that is so hard just to try?

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 6.1.1

I have had issues in the not too distant past, maybe 3-6 months ago upgrading one of my installs of Otter to the latest version, 2.0.9 if memory servers. I would concur that the installs/upgrades could use some love. There definitely should be a 'cleanup' tool to remove all traces of Inedo installs.

Ron, I wouldn't give up on using the products. Maybe you can spin up a vm to try this out on as well?

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