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Hello, I would like to ask that the server import be modified to do a few different things. One, I would like an option to ignore duplicate servers. If I am importing 100 servers at a time, I want the option to ignore those system and import the rest so each server I don't have to stop. Every. Time. There. Is. An. Error. Quite annoying, and an inherent problem working with web interfaces. Another option is to overwrite existing servers with an option to merge the existing server object with updated settings in your json import, as to do new bulk settings. Like if I want to add a new variable to 100 servers that are already in Otter.

Of course, this task would be way easier with a PowerShell Otter Module :D ....

Product: Otter
Version: 2.2.0-beta.10

Is this doable at all? I am trying to get the rest of my infrastructure added to Otter. Thanks!

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