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I am creating feed without retention rules using rest api on Groovy, but when i am trying to put retention rules it's not working.
This is the body which is working:

def nugetFeedConfig = '''
<Inedo.ProGet.Feeds.NuGet.NuGetFeedConfig Assembly="ProGetCoreEx">
<Properties SymbolServerEnabled="True"
UseLegacyVersioning="False" />

 body['FeedConfiguration_Xml'] = nugetFeedConfig
        .replaceAll(/[\r\n]/, '')
        .replaceAll(/\s\s+/, ' ')

How can i add retention rules in my nugetFeedConfig?


Product: BuildMaster
Version: 6.1.4

Hi Patrick,

As of ProGet v5.2, we have a new Management API that makes this much simpler.

I've added a Configure Retention example to the Update Entity docs here that shows how to add retention rules:

That's great! Thank you Jhon.