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Could you please help me about this issue ?

I cannot reinstall ProGet because the service INEDOPROGETSVC is already installed.

Note: I can't see anymore the service INEDOPROGETSVC

My ProGet configuration:
One server Hosting ProGet Services and IIS (over SSL) and an another Server for SQL

Please find here the Log from the Installer ProGetSetup5.2.2.exe

Information: Installing the ProGet service...
Debug: Launching process "D:\ProGet\Service\ProGet.Service.exe" <arguments hidden>...
Debug: Attempting to create service INEDOPROGETSVC...
Error: Unhandled exception: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The specified service already exists
Error: at Inedo.WindowsServices.WindowsService.CreateService(String serviceName, String displayName, String fileName, String userAccount, String password)
Error: at Inedo.ProGet.Service.Program.install(Boolean web, String user, String password)
Error: System.InvalidOperationException: D:\ProGet\Service\ProGet.Service.exe returned exit code -2

Thanks in advance for your help

Product: ProGet
Version: 5.2.2

I would try to reboot the server; sometimes the windows service manager caches information that makes it hard to detect.

Next, it could be that you don't have permission to view the service. You can use a tool like sc.exe to unregister the service.

Then, it should work