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When creating a new (upack) feed rule, regardless of which option is checked, it automatically defaults the the following options:


  • cached connector packages
  • all except the most recent 10 versions
  • until matching packages occupy 100mb

Attempting to edit the rules and saving it does not change anything.

Furthermore, at least since 5.1.7, retention rules do not actually delete packages even though the logs indicate that they do. I've verified that dry run is turned off.

Product: ProGet
Version: 5.2.3-beta.3

Hi Christopher,

I am not able to recreate this issue locally, can you confirm that your license key is valid, current, and activated. It looks like you were issued a new license key last month 4/16/2019 for ProGet Basic. An invalid or expired key will force the retention policy to execute in dry-run mode so I want to rule that out first.