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We are using ProGet and we setup user account for our client to download packages from 1 specific feeds.

The problem we have right now, is that we don't want each client to know the existence of each other and at the moment, when I click on "View Statistic" on my package, i see which user download the package, so any of our client could see which client downloaded the package...

Is there a way to set permission on which user can see the statistic?

Product: ProGet
Version: 5.1.23

Hi Francois,

You can grant/revoke access to a feed for specific users here is documentation about that. However, the package version page and the statistics page are both under the View Feed role. Which means you'd have to block the user from seeing both pages.


Thank for your answer.

I know I can add specific feed for users, but if I could find a way to have the same feed, I'll prefer that, since I won't have to manage multiple feed with the same packages...

Do you think having a permission for the statistic could be something that might be added to the roadmap of the product?

Or maybe enable the statistic on a "Feed" or package basis could be in the Roadmap?

If so, do you have a ETA for any of these?

Hi Francois,

The quickest way to get something like this implemented is by going through the feature request process this process really drives our roadmap. as for ETA, I wouldn't want to predict that, but we do release new versions on a frequent basis.


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