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Not sure where to post this but I was wondering if you had a user tracking feature on your backlog.
What I am looking for is the ability to track what user downloads what packages on a per feed basis. If this could be logged into a table in the database this would be all that I need to get the data. I need this for regulatory purposes and in order to make Proget my Enterprise solution for package management. If this is on your backlog can you tell me when it might be coming out.

Product: ProGet
Version: 3.0.3

This sounds like it could be a pretty good feature. We don't have it on the backlog at the moment, but we'll add it. Look out for it in the release notes an upcoming maintenance release - the issue number is PG-205.

To expand on this story what we are thinking about doing is creating a wide open pass through feed to Nuget that would allow users to discover new open source software to use. By forcing users through Proget we can get user info to send them reminder emails about OSS that we have not yet cleared for use in our products. Then the devs can get it cleared etc.