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Question #1:
I am working with TeamCity in a Linux OS. I have created my first build step with an npm runner to build and bundle my web application code using npm script. My build artifact is copied to a build folder on the server. I could otherwise use a powershell script to zip this artifact for use by other deployment software. This page shows me how to install your TeamCity extension in TeamCity service:
Do you have a specific tutorial regarding how to wire in that extension as a TeamCity build step?
I hope this extension can go to a path on my server to get the particular build artifact from my build folder and send it to BuildMaster for availability of deployment to local apache server and ultimately to AWS.

Question #2:
I am excited to review your tutorial to choose a specific TeamCity Build with BuildMaster.
I am very new to BuildMaster and there are tons of different tutorials out there. Which specific tutorials are a good prerequisite for this traning module? For example, in step 1 of this tutorial page, you mention "This new pipeline will mirror the standard pipeline stages of Import, Integration, Testing, and Production from the previous tutorial". Where is this previous tutorial? What is another basic tutorial to learn how to Create a Release Template, Deployment Plan, and New Release? It seems this tutorial regarding teamcity is based upon general knowledge of BuildMaster learned from other tutorials. It would be helpful to list those tutorials as prerequisites.

Thanks so much for your help,

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 6.1.6

Hi Bret,

For question #1 - We have just published this documentation for TeamCity:
This may give you a little more guidance on that subject.

For question #2- all of our tutorials are here:
but this one might be what you are looking for


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