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I was having issues with the feed showing cached results after removing a connector, so I decided to recreate the feed. I deleted my one and only feed and ended up on an error page. When I go back to the configuration screen, there aren't any options to create a new feed.

Any help would be appreciated!

Product: ProGet
Version: 3.4.7

This is a bug that was introduced by hiding the create link when a user does not have access to edit any feed.... which is clearly true when there are no feeds...

Anyway, you can browse to the Create link directly and add one back: http://proget/administration/feeds/feed

We'll have a fix for this in the next maintenance release as well.

I ran into this exact same problem. Via Reflector and SQL Server Management Studio, I discovered that 'Default' has a special meaning - like, the name is actually hard-coded into some stored procs and so on.

I got out of the situation by manually calling the stored procedure to re-create the default feed. Once you do that, you can edit the feed and set it up the way you like.

USE [ProGet]

DECLARE @Feed_Id int
DECLARE @Feed_Name nvarchar(50)
DECLARE @Feed_Description nvarchar(max)
DECLARE @Cache_Connectors_Indicator YNINDICATOR
DECLARE @FeedPathOverride_Text nvarchar(260)
DECLARE @APIKey_Text nvarchar(100)
DECLARE @SymbolServerEnabled_Indicator YNINDICATOR
DECLARE @PackageStore_Configuration varchar(max)
DECLARE @FeedType_Code char(1)
DECLARE @StripSymbolFiles_Indicator YNINDICATOR
DECLARE @DropPath_Text nvarchar(260)

SET @Feed_Id = NULL
SET @Feed_Name = 'Default'
SET @Feed_Description = 'Default NuGet feed.'
SET @Active_Indicator = 'Y'
SET @Cache_Connectors_Indicator = 'N'
SET @FeedPathOverride_Text = NULL
SET @SymbolServerEnabled_Indicator = 'N'
SET @PackageStore_Configuration = NULL
SET @FeedType_Code = 'N'
SET @StripSymbolFiles_Indicator = 'N'
SET @DropPath_Text = NULL

EXECUTE @RC = [dbo].[Feeds_CreateOrUpdateFeed] 
   @Feed_Id OUTPUT

Note I'm not ProGet support or anything, so execute this at your own risk, but this is the exact code that worked for me.

From a product improvement perspective, ProGet should allow the Default feed to be removed.

I like the web page solution better than my SQL solution. :) Let's go with that.

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