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We'd like to attach a reference number to each deployment when email has been sent out for approval required. The default email template looks pretty good at this. So I'd like to add the reference to the template rather than creating custom email templates.

Can we have an additional options to include the release/package note in the email template body? Just like there's option to include failed action log currently.

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.6.4

We're definitely looking to improve our overall email templates (for both this, event listeners, manual action, etc).

If you have any suggestions on how we might do that -- perhaps based on other email templating systems in other applications you've seen -- please let us know. We have several design ideas of course, and have researched several, but we haven't really used them first-hand, so always good to get more input.

For my requirement at hands, simply having an option to include the notes as free text would do, as we won't be putting too much rich formatting notes inside, simply a reference number.

Similar with "Additional Options" in Deployment Execution Completed event listener, if we could provide a checkbox to include Notes in Approval Required event listener should be fine for now.

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