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Hello, my team is starting to use the pipeline job type in Jenkins 2.x which is based on groovy scripting. Does the proget plugin for creating univerasal artifacts support the pipeline scripting? if so is there any reference we can use that would provide samples on syntax?


Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.1

It doesn't support pipeline scripting currently, but is something that I have been thinking about adding. I'll confirm with the team that they're happy for me to make these changes and if so it should only take me a day or two.

I've updated the proget plugin to support pipeline script. It hasn't had a lot of testing (PC died and haven't had a chance to fully rebuilt it yet) but the changes were minimal so should be fine.

It's also built against the latest LTS of Jenkins so I hope that won't be an issue for you.

I'm also trying to do the same with the BuildMaster plugin but that one is proving to be harder to do and I've had to raise an issue on the Jenkins mailing list.

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