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Let's say we have a complete pipeline. There're times where slight variations to that pipeline is needed. For example, we may want to skip certain stages.

One way I can think of is to define a different pipeline, this treats all variations as independent.

Another is probably to have release variable. Currently only plan can make use of those release variable if I understand correctly. This may be a bit intrusive on the operations, because it is pipeline that contains variation, not plans.

Is it possible to still use release variable, but adding the if/else condition at pipeline level, to choose to execute certain stage, or even certain targets in a stage?

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.6.4

You could just bypass it on the promote page, by selecting "Do Not Execute" and then override the promotion status to Successful. That might be sufficient?

Otherwise, we don't have a good way to evaluate whether or not a pipeline stage should advance. Perhaps one idea would to use a variable for targeting? or maybe a (JSON-only) option that says "skipStep" or something that you could have a $Variable as.

Just ideas, not sure if they're feasible!

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