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For manual operation (, is it possible to specify multiple email addresses we wish to send for notification? Rather than sending to the single user who is the assignee, which can only be one, if I understand correctly.

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.6.4

The manual operation is tied to a single user, so it's not possible. We would need to have something like, multiple people who could approve it or something.

It's not approval, just some intermediate manual operation to be done. Tied to one person is fine, but can't we specify multiple emails to notify?

Or is it possible to expose the default email template for user? So user can do some additional customization on the template, rather than given blank template from scratch.

The Manual Operation looks up the user's address in the directory; of course we could add an alternate address, I'm not sure how easy it would be... but if we're going to be changing the behavior of this (old-ish) concept, I think we ought to consider other/better changes to make it a lot better as well.

I suppose the easiest work-around would be a template that has a send-email operation and a manual operation.

One possible way is to still look up user's address from directory as a mandatory (to address), then option to provide additional email addresses (as cc). It can be considered additional behavior, not completely change of the logic.

The send-email work-around is fine, the only thing is design the template from scratch is tedious, it'll be good to provide some default template and work from there.

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