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Is there the equivalent of the upack command line tool for windows avaliable for linux platforms.

I am looking for a package manager that will act as repository's for both windows and linux and the universal package repository seems to do just that

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.6

We don't currently have one, but it'd be quite trivial to build.

Of course, you can very easily just use curl instead, as many of our users do, because it's just as easy!

Sorry should have said I'm from a window background and V rusty at Linux last time i used Unix in anger was SCO
Is there an example curl script that can be shared to pull down and then extract the files from a package


Well, for this, you would use the Download package endpoint

There's a lot of guides out there on how to use cUrl (here's a good one), but a basic use would be...

curl http://proget.local/upack/my-feed/download/my-group/my-package/1.2.3?contentOnly=zip -o

... then you can just use unzip.

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