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I'm new to BuildMaster and I'm having a problem labeling source in Subversion (see the log bellow).

The "Get Latest from trunk" action works fine.

I've the BuildMaster Express 3.5.8 (Build 30),
Subversion 1.7.9 - both installed locally.

Thanks for an advice,



Build 7 for Quercus 0.0.0 (07/04/2013 17:47:28)
Action Group 1: Get Quercus Source
Action 1: Apply label "%RELNO%.%BLDNO%" to files in trunk
Preparing remote servers for execution...
Preparing MYCOMPUTER for execution...
Preparation complete.
Initializing action...
Source and Target directory same; splitting.
RemoteAction Initialization Complete:
Temp Directory: C:\BuildMaster_SVCTMP_A2_S3\TMP
Source Directory: C:\BuildMaster_SVCTMP_A2_S3\SRC
Target Directory: C:\BuildMaster_SVCTMP_A2_S3\WRK
Server: MYCOMPUTER (Id: 1)
Initialization complete. Executing...
Applying label ''.
Execution complete. Finalizing...
System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'Inedo.BuildMasterExtensions.Subversion.Subversion15Provider' to type 'Inedo.BuildMaster.Extensibility.Providers.SourceControl.IVersioningProvider'. at Inedo.BuildMaster.Windows.ServiceApplication.SlimPlanActionExecuter.ExecuteRemoteCommand(RemoteActionBase action, RemoteCommandEventArgs e) at Inedo.BuildMaster.Windows.ServiceApplication.SlimPlanActionExecuter.TryExecuteRemoteCommand(RemoteActionBase action, RemoteCommandEventArgs e)
Target directory unused; joining with source.
Finalization complete.

Hi Jan,

Subversion does not support the "Apply Label" operation, so it complains about this. The UI is supposed to prevent you from using this action, but I think one of the recipes will create this action for you.

Just replace the Apply Label / Get Labeled action pair with:

  1. Tag /trunk/mypath to /tags/%RELNO%.%BLDNO%
  2. Get Latest from /tags/%RELNO%.%BLDNO%

Hope that helps,