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Are there any roadmap details surrounding Connectors for Docker and availability?

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.10

This was a deliberate design decision, as we didn't feel that the concept of a connector made sense in the Docker ecosystem. (We have a little more on this here and here.)

What is your use-case for this feature? We're open to adding it, so long as it's generally useful.

So the same justification around why we want to use connectors for NPM.

We want one repo that is a combination of two others.

internal and external

external is just a connector proxy to docker hub

internal would be a local cached repo - where we could publish relied on external dockers - so 1) if they go away tomorrow we still have it 2) remove reliance on internet based dependencies

We've discussed this feature, and will likely be including it in a future release. We haven't scheduled which release as of this post, but we will update PG-1021 as we decide on a timeline.

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