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Is it possible to skip the "Create Package" option when creating a release? We have a scenario where we are using the Copy-Files function in a very simple plan and use release variables to set the parameters to the Copy-Files function. The "Create Package" step in the release is not needed and it adds an extra step in the deployment. Is there a way to automate the "Create Package" step at the same time "Create Release" is done or is there a way to skip the "Create Package" requirement.

Thanks for your help

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.6.8

Release are used to move packages through a specific pipeline, so you can't really have one with out another unless we realllly change our model. Of course in some scenarios, like the one you described, it feels like an unecessary step.

We've considered making a simplified "create release/package", where you can do both in one step... but it's deceptively complex to do that on a single page... and have it behave in the same manner. There are permissions to consider, release templates, legacy variables, etc... >.<

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