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We are having issues with authentication with Active Directory Domain Forest. When we add users it shows the users FQDN but if windows authentication is enabled it logs us in with shortname of the domain for example domain name is DomainA.local it will add users as user1@domaina.local but log us in as user1@domaina and state we have no privileges. I have to manually add user1@domaina and then it works but we have the same issues with groups. If we add a group it detects users at FQDN vs shortname.

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.8

hi Chris, this is a known issue w/ the current AD/LDAP integrations.

We have a complete rewrite in the works, hopefully to be integrated into ProGet in May. It's being tested in BUildMaster right now.

Any update on this? what is the timeline on this as we are waiting for this.

Sorry on the delayed response, but a re-written directory provider is now available in ProGet 4.8; this should support multiple domain searching, and is in the open source InedoCore extension, so it should be a lot easier to see precisely what's going on how to debug it.

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