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I'm wondering if any documentation can be provided to explain Buildmaster deployables, especially in the context of managing multiple build artifacts and empowering users to deploy different artifacts according to selected build deployables (is this possible to configure?).

I don't note any documentation germane to deployables on the Inedo website, but I'm wondering how to correctly interact with deployables via a build plan.

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.6.11

For most use cases, deployables are mostly a "vestigial" feature; they were very important in v4 and earlier , in that they permitted partial deployments and cross-application orchestration (dependencies, artifacts, etc). Moreover, as organizations are moving towards a "microservice" architecture, the concept of a large application with many depoyables is becoming rarer.

In an v5/OtterScript plan, you can do this:

for deployable web-application
    ... operations ...

In this case, the "current deployable in context" will be web-application, and if that deployable is not included in the release, then the block is skipped.

You can also add variable key/value pairs to a deployable. When a deployable is context (as the case above), that variable will be evaluated.

With "cross-application deployables", you can have one application reference a release of another application. When doing this, it's changing the release number in context. So, for example, if web-application was imported from another application, then $ReleaseNumber would resolve to that application's number.

All that said... all of these things are more intuitively accomplished through variables, and for most users that's just fine. In a new application you create will not have any deployables.

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