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I am planning to move a Proget Server version 4.50 build 25 to a new server and SQL server.
Unfortunately the SQL server version will be changing from SQL 2014 Express to SQL 2012 Enterprise.
I am aware that SQL databases cannot be restored to earlier versions using backup and restore.
Do you know of any other data export \ import methods that could help with the migration?


Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.0

It's not so bad; just recreate all of your feeds and permissions settings, and then do a bulk-import of the packages from one server to another.

If you have a ProGet Enterprise license, you can do feed replication to make ite ven easier.

Thanks for reply.

We do not have ProGet Enterprise.
Would these steps work:

  1. Install Proget on new server with new datatabase
  2. stop service on old server
  3. migrate packages directory to new destination
  4. recreate feeds & permissions
  5. Point new feeds to new package folders

We recommend usign the drop folder (step #3) instead, but this could work when the "package clean-up" task runs, because it will reconcile database and disk package data.

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