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During testing of configuration from Octopus with Proget Docker as feed I'm getting this error:

Request to http://***:8085/***-docker/v2/_catalog failed with NotFound:Not Found.


at Octopus.Core.Packages.Docker.DockerRegistryOAuthClient.Get in DockerRegistryOAuthClient.cs:line 50

According to my previous question, this was fixed:

Also there is error when listing packge versions:
Request to http://***:8085/***-docker/v2/library/***-frontend/tags/list failed with NotFound:Not Found.

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.9

There is also problem when adding a new feed. Octopus tries to discover version of API, but Proget doesn't supply proper API endpoints for that calls.

More info:

The API endpoint for Docker is actually just the ProGet server root, as that is what the Docker client requires. Feed names in this case just act like an image prefix.

Because of this limitation, the only way to verify requests were intended for Docker was to check the UserAgent string, as /v2/... is a pretty generic URL, so that's what ProGet did.

This was never a good solution, so we've removed this check for v4.7.11, which should allow other non-Docker clients to use the Docker API more easily (see PG-1023). If we're ever in a position where something else expects the /v2/ URL prefix, we'll reevaluate this solution again.


Krzysztof G., did you ever managed to integrate both Octopus and ProGet?

Using just the ProGet URL we can "connect" but it replies with an empty list. Is there anything else needed? Maybe a registry path?

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