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Each stage of a given pipeline allows you to specify post-deployment events. One of these is "Publish Event Details". I want to use this to post JSON to a Slack webhook. I can specify the URL, the HTTP method, content type, all that stuff. However, the last option in the dialog shows a label called "Additional options:" with no field or possible way to input anything. What is that supposed to be? What (if anything) allows me to control the payload of this?

I see that I can also configure a global event listener to do this, but I still don't know what the payload is, or whether it's possible to configure it.

I'm currently using a Post-Http operation in a global plan that I add to every pipeline stage, but this is really clunky.

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.6.11

Hello Glenn,

The payload will contain:

  • Event_Code (BLDCPP)
  • Event_Description (Build Promotion Completed)
  • Release_Number
  • Build_Number
  • PipelineStage_Name

For other types of event listeners, Event_Code and Event_Description are always included and the rest of the fields are from Event Details in the event log for that event type.

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